Deb Girard

Deb Girard, RN, Founder, of Circle of Life Hospice was honored with the Nevada Business "Health Care Hero's Award" in 2006

It is our philosophy and attitude that sets us apart.

I once heard it said that of all the art forms, the highest of all arts is the Art of Living. We have learned from our patients that the Art of Living at the end of life is a time of life that can involve tremendous personal and spiritual growth.

The Art of Living at the end of life involves finding peace through one's sense of meaning and purpose. Practically speaking, this is done by focusing on what is truly important and what is truly important are relationships.

There are only three types of relationships; relationship with self, with others, and with whatever is one's sense of a higher power in our very diverse society.

In the words of Dr. Ira Byock, the Art of Living maybe found in the work of learning to say five things: "I Love You, Forgive Me, I Forgive You, Thank You, and Good Bye". In these five things living at the end of life can be peaceful and meaningful.

It is our calling to be with patients and help with the Art of Living at the end of life.

Mike Girard

Mike and Deb Girard,
Founders Circle of Life Hospice