Also known as The Circle of Giving, our non-profit foundation has four primary initiatives: community education, caregiving-support, complimentary therapies and eventually a hospice house. These initiatives are ways we have served, and continue to serve, the community since 1999.

Because of complex cultural, social, regulatory and financial issues, community education on quality models of end of life care is our priority. This is of particular importance because everyone, whether directly or indirectly, will need to know about hospice; how to choose one, what the benefit includes, questions to ask, etc.


In addition to educating the public, we aim to support the patients' on site caregiver(s) so as to keep the patient in the comfort and familiarity of his/her own home when possible. Federal regulations limit the scope of direct caregiving support a given hospice is able to provide, so we rely on our foundation to support us in helping the family acquire the resources they need to care for their loved one.

The Foundation also provides, through funds raised, the ability to enrich quality of life for the patients and their families by way of our complementary therapies. These come at no cost to the recipient and include modalities such as massage, aromatherapy, guided imagery, music for relaxation and pet therapy. These therapies are proven extremely useful in helping the patient and family reach a peaceful state of mind at the end of life.

Finally, The Foundation's funding will eventually provide a positive alternative for individuals unable to die at home. This alternative is called a hospice house. We have initiated the "Hospice House" project for the Washoe County area because currently there is no such establishment available in northern Nevada. Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance policies do not cover the residential services of a hospice house. It is only through charitable giving to The Foundation that the "Hospice House" project continues to move forward.

"We believe that death is a natural part of life and we aspire to improve the physical, social, emotional and spiritual care and wellbeing of not only those at the end of life, but their loved ones also."

Michael & Deb Girard,